There has been much media coverage of the breath of fresh air sweeping through Sinn Fein with the election of Mary Lou McDonald as the next party President and the prospect of Michelle O’Neill joining her as Vice-President.
The ‘old guard’ is being apparently being replaced with a new dynamic leadership team, free from the historical baggage carried by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.
They aim to persuade their Unionist sisters and brothers that they would be much better off in a ‘united Ireland’ of equals. Recent actions, however, show that there is very little difference in the mindset between the old and new leaderships.
Both new leaders-in-waiting have a track record of attending IRA commemorations where they have spoken of their pride at those who were involved in the ‘freedom struggle’.
This is simply a new name to romanticise the IRA campaign that involved the targeting, maiming and killing of men, women and children who were opposed to their warped ideology through religion or political opinion or of those from within their own community who had dared to speak out against the evil they were committing.
While there has been some reluctant admittance of the sectarian massacre at Kingsmill after having been put under extreme pressure in the media, there are countless other atrocities that senior Republicans remain silent about.
Mary Lou McDonald may have said that she has brought her own shoes with her. Hopefully they are hiking boots as it would appear that she still has a long road to travel.

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Last Modified: January 23, 2018