A Special meeting of Grand Lodge was convened in Independent Orange Hall Ballymoney on Saturday 8th April at 7.00pm. This was a historical meeting  as it was being held to confer the Royal Arch Purple Degree on a member of the Institution from Argentina. Following the opening of the Lodge  by IGM Rt Wor Bro James Anderson and the usual welcoming remarks the chair was taken over by senior lecturer Wor Bro Cyril Glass who raised the Lodge to the Purple and called on Wor Bro Roy Wilson to conduct the obligation with the candidate Bro Rev Mariano Salguero. After the candidate left the room the Lodge was raised to the Arch Purple. The Lodge room was then prepared and Bro Glass and his helpers conferred the degree on Bro Rev Salguero. Following a few speeches and the obligatory photographs all present were entertained to supper.

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Last Modified: April 10, 2017