On Tuesday evening 5th December the members of  Bushside iloi No 24 together with visiting brethren held their normal monthly meeting in Bushside Independent Orange Hall.
Following the completion of the normal business WM Wor Bro Alexander McFarland informed those present that they were now going to present some certificates and jewels to three long serving members of the Lodge.
First up was IGM Rt Wor Bro James Anderson who presented a 50 year service
jewel and certificate to Bro James Henry. Next we had  Bro Alex Taggert receiving his 50 year service Jewel and Certificate from DIGM Wor Bro Mervyn Storey. The third receipent of a certificate and jewel was Bro Terry Glenn who was presented with 25 years service  by CGM Wor Bro David Johnston.
The final presentation of the evening was the presentation of a past masters certificate to Bro Tommy Henry.
Following the customary speeches the WM Wor Bro Alexander Mc Farland wished everyone present a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New year and then proceeded to close the Lodge.
All present were then entertained to supper by the members of Bushside lodge.
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Last Modified: December 8, 2017